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It is well known that about half of Internet users go on the web spaces, in order to expand their social circle, as computer mediated communication creates the illusion of companionship without the demands of friendship. If we translate all this into the Russian language that goes in the video chat, and more so-in chat user can be who wants to, while remaining himself.

Video Chat Flytok - free video chat without registering so confidently affirm All interested persons are welcome in the company of cheerful and sociable people


"Flaytok" - Welcome to a world full of communication.

More: Video Chat flytok - is a multifunctional entertainment project, the main direction of which communion. After intercourse, the more full communion, when you see his companion or companions, one of the most convenient way to get acquainted, exchange messages, emotions and experiences. Another flytok - a whole system video chat (the virtual worlds) and focus web cam online on different topics. Every guest of our project can be found for himself in them something interesting. Post a job or communicate in video chat a snap Now all you need for a complete communication, is an Internet connection and webcam.

Our project (startup) works with Mac and PC, and adapted to work in any Internet browser. Just go to, go fast registration and receive a personal account. Invitations (invite) in the free chat flytok in our chat is easy to invite their friends, relatives, acquaintances or relatives. Simply send them a video call or send a video message through our site.


About Video chat

At the moment, a social network - video chat is still at a very early stage - the stage of testing. But now the project has all the attributes of modern and highly sought after project for the future as a leader among themselves such developments. Video chat a lot, but it Flytok soon become your reliable guide to the world of modern communication, the world of video without Borders exciting and interesting dialogue. Flytok significantly simplify and enhance the quality of your everyday communication in the Internet, and provides a real opportunity to make new friends around the world. At the moment, we are developing a marketing strategy and dedicate all my free time to fix minor bugs.

If you have someone to call and talk to vebke. (If you have already used the services of other video chat)

Register online and reporting this to the people with whom you would like to talk. Come to chat and wait when your friends too it will register. (Registration is free and we will not take more than 1-2 minutes). As soon as your friends will you sweep up their characters in the main window, and the nicknames and the names of the block right now All that you need to do so is to click on the "video call", or click on the desired character.

You until there's no one to call and chat with uncompensated. (You have a web camera and you're looking for interesting interlocutor or partner)
Register online Come on the wings and fly towards adventure and an interesting new acquaintances. Kklikayte on neighboring flies (it's the other participants' Flaytok "), a pop-up window browse their profiles, invite them to chat, meet, become friends, Communicate fully!

Viewing and creating online broadcasts. (free web cam)

To view the broadcast you need to go to the tab "My Videos" and select it item "Broadcast". In the window that appears, select the tab "Other broadcasting" where you can see a list of all online broadcasts, which are currently going on our project. To view the broadcast, click on it. At. When this broadcast is open then you her a few seconds to see, and when the microphone from the broadcast, and hear. If the broadcast is private, then you'll be prompted to send the transmitting a request to view this broadcast. You can see the broadcast only after the settlement, which should provide you with translating. In case of refusal of such permission, in a special window you will have a corresponding video message.

Virtual worlds with different themes and different design.

Since September 2010, we plan to implement the project several new Flytok virtual spaces with certain properties given the Sponsors. They will be called the worlds. The connection between them will be implemented through an animated teleports. Each world would be a relatively closed environment, with its own design, characters, species, and the predominant language classes, but with a common interface, the rules control.


Article (materials prepared for presentation at the meeting startup 2010)
in which we act and Nestan =)

Video Messaging (chat with webcam) between users on the Internet every day becoming more popular, and in this regard in recent times, we often hear about the opening of certain services.

And in each of them we (DEVELOPERS FLYTOK) Registration! In each of these Service or PORTALS We spent enough time to fully assess their pros and cons.

Of course, we know that the curse of competitors in a decent society is not accepted, but we note our opinion one huge minus any and all of these services: they are boring and alike as twin brothers, as well as uniform and do not videochat hot give any opportunities for personal growth and fulfillment. And most importantly, none of these services does not allow users to comfortably meet and become friends. That is no service allows users to snogda meet, communicate and eventually become friends, as is done in social networks.

Most communication in video chat becomes a constant intercourse of strangers.

But it is not the case with video chat Flytok!

Our goal was to create the service is not aimed at ordinary Podglyadyvanie for anyone unfamiliar, and to full communion. The result had been Flytok, more reminiscent of the social video networks than videohostings broadcasts users.

It is a pity that at this moment we can not show you all our ideas to be implemented in the design of the site, but the overall concept (the idea) I think you just feel. To do this, simply go to

How not to interfere with a pervert in our video chat? How not to get lost in its vast expanse? How to survive if you have already lost?


  • Travelling on the internet video chat Flytok try not to alienate a large distance from the moderators video chat, and constantly stay within their scope.
    Prior to access to the network tell the relatives that are going to fly and communicate in video chat Flytok.
    In the case of the tariffs have limited traffic, think about whether you have enough time to fly in the video chat and come back.
    Not in a bag or pocket and the front of the monitor always have a knife, matches in a dry box, and compass - all these things will help you not to panic, and the correct orientation in difficult situations.
    Wear bright and do not forget to send in a light bulb, fonorya or candles - in the dark you can not see and from five meters (preferably wear a bright beautiful clothes, girls do not interfere with bright makeup, better still stick to the whole body reflective strips or pictures .)
    If you lost your friend or acquaintance, immediately call the moderators video chat. After all, often independent search led only to zataptyvaniyu traces, which could find the man.


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